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The Perfect Wedding Ring

The engagement ring takes all the glory, but it’s the wedding ring you speak your vows with and solidify your marriage and union; that’s something special. We want to celebrate the wedding ring by giving you answers to common questions on how to find the perfect wedding ring option for both brides and grooms. 


Wedding Rings

“With this ring, I thee wed.”

Should our wedding rings match? 
Only if you want them to! We believe that jewelry is intensely personal, so most people prefer to wear something that matches their personality and sense of style. However, there’s something romantic and lovely about wearing the same ring as your love. There’s no right or wrong answer here!

Do I need a wedding ring if I have an engagement ring? 
This is personal preference although we have found 99.9% of brides want to have both options. Matching the wedding to the engagement ring can be done by matching metal types or styles (modern or vintage) You want the rings to compliment one another, not clash.

Do I wear my engagement ring and my wedding ring at the same time?
More brides are opting for the European tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the right hand. Some brides also save wearing their engagement rings for only special occasions and wear their wedding ring every day. But as long as the wedding ring fits with the engagement ring, you should have no problem wearing them together.

Who buys whose ring?
Traditionally, the bride purchases the groom’s ring and vice versa. However, nowadays, shopping together for wedding rings is one of the highlights of a wedding planning experience. You can find styles that work well together or give each other opinions on their favorites. 

Is a platinum wedding ring best? 
You can choose any metal type you prefer based on your preference and sense of style. White gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum bands are equally amazing. 

Does the wedding ring have to be a basic band?
Absolutely not! You can find beautiful, ornate and stylish options for wedding bands in our inventory. We believe in people wearing different styles- from the traditional to the extraordinary. 

When should we buy the wedding rings?
We pride ourselves on being able to help brides and grooms quickly so if you’re heading to Vegas for an elopement or completely forgot to get the ring off of your to-do list and the wedding is days away, we can help. We do find however that most couples give themselves four to six weeks before the ceremony to research, select and purchase the rings. This gives ample time for any resizing or adjustments needed before the big day.

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