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Diamond and Jewelry Education

Diamond Education
  • Shape
    Diamond Shape

    A diamond's shape refers to its physical form, and if it has an unusual shape like a heart or a pear, that may be one of the most noticeable things about it. Diamond shape is not one of the four C’s, but it is a factor to consider when choosing a diamond.

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  • Cut
    Diamond Cut

    A diamond's cut refers to its facets and angles; their number, proportions, and symmetry, which affect how light reflects out of the stone. This effect on brilliance has a direct effect on the value of a diamond and is an important factor to consider.

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  • Color
    Diamond Color

    Natural diamonds are found in a wide array of colors — from colorless, to faint yellow or even dark brown, to rare pinks, blues, greens and other colors known as "fancies." Selecting a diamond color is a matter of personal preference.

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  • Clarity
    Diamond Clarity

    Most diamonds contain small natural characteristics called "inclusions." The size, number, position, and color of these inclusions will determine a stone's clarity grade. Clarity has a direct effect on brilliance and is an important factor to consider.

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  • Carat Weight
    Diamond Carat Weight

    Carat weight is the standard measure of a diamond's weight. The larger the diamond, the more rare and valuable it is. A carat (equivalent to 200 milligrams) consists of 100 points. Therefore, a diamond of 75 points weighs 0.75 carats.

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  • Certification
    Diamond Certification

    Laboratory certification provides an impartial judgment of the characteristics and quality of each diamond. The diamond certificate is also valuable for insurance purposes, as it provides a professional, independent evaluation of the diamond.

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Jewelry Education
  • Precious Metals
    Precious Metals

    Explore our metals guide to learn the benefits and features of different precious metals like platinum and gold. Then consider personal preferences to decide on the best metal for you and your budget.

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  • Ring Anatomy
    Ring Anatomy

    From classic solitaire engagement rings to vintage details or stunning pave diamond halos, our collection of handcrafted rings are each perfectly designed to take your breath away.

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  • Ring Size
    Ring Size

    You may not know the ring size for a given finger, but we’re here to help. We have a ring sizing kit available for purchase and a printable ring sizer that can help you determine your ring size.

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