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At 90210 Jewelry, we believe jewelry is art, no different from a revered masterpiece hanging in the Louvre. Like art, jewelry tells a story, speaking volumes without you even needing to say a word. Wearing a brilliant solitaire ring on your left hand? You’re declaring you’re engaged and appreciate classic elegance. Prefer a bold three-stone ring on your finger? This design symbolizes the past, present, and future- you’re sentimental & romantic and not afraid to let the world know. Love owning a pair of dazzling diamond stud earrings? You adore a refined appearance and don’t need to follow fashion trends to look stylish. Jewelry says so much on your behalf, especially when wearing one of 90210 Jewelry’s exclusive designs for diamond rings, wedding bands, earrings, or pendants. You’re telling the world “I have great taste.”

Shop our expertly curated selection of fine diamond jewelry at wholesale prices to find the perfect statement piece for you. From solitaire engagement rings to diamond stud earrings to custom diamond jewelry options, we have exquisite diamond jewelry items for every budget and occasion.

Engagement Rings and Wedding Jewelry
The exchange of rings is a deeply symbolic and emotionally filled element of every wedding ceremony. Selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring is important- not just to make an impression during the proposal- but for every day after to make your beloved look down and smile. 90210 Jewelry offers a vast array of options to choose from when it comes to engagement rings. We have different styles- like round or princess cut diamond solitaire rings, three-stone rings, or halo diamond rings- to match the style profile of your significant other as well as choice of metal type, diamond clarity, diamond color, and diamond carat weight to fit every couple’s unique preferences and budgets. Bride, groom, mother of the bride, the bridal party- if they’re in the wedding, 90210 Jewelry has them covered (and who doesn’t want to be covered in diamonds)?

With everyday low prices, no one will question why you’re bragging about the deal you scored on such a great diamond ring. Just tell them you found the best-kept secret in Beverly Hills- 90210 Jewelry.

Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry
Looking for something beyond an engagement ring? 90210 Jewelry’s extensive selection of earrings, pendants, and designer rings will satisfy your diamond cravings. Browse our massive diamond earring collection featuring classic and contemporary designs for diamond stud earrings. And should your search not turn up with exactly what you’re looking for, we are proud to offer custom diamond pieces created by our talented in-house jewelry designers.

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